Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who, What, When, Why, How

To begin this quest to explore the field of information and library science, one should read this website:
This is a great website for basic information about all aspects of the field. The website highlights both the job description, qualifications, degree programs, employment, projected job outlook, salary, and related occupations.
The website reveals many interesting, perhaps unknown elements of the field. Many people are unaware of the technological aspect; Librarians are constantly working to master new technologies both on the Internet and within the library in organizational data bases. Librarians are needed in a variety of businesses, including law firms, marketing companies, and government agencies. The most positive new information concerns job prospects. The majority of librarians, roughly 2 out of 3, will be retiring in the next decade. This will result in many job openings, especially for librarians with ample experience with new technologies and teaching certifications. A typical library science program requires one year of graudate school, however it seems to be more benefifical to also gain a degree in education.
The next step in understanding the field will be to learn more about the American Library Association and the fivty-six colleges accredited by this offical organization.

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